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Sugo Funky Enduro

Date and time Monday, May 4, 2020 National holiday

SUGO's bicycle festival is back for the first time in two years! !

"Funky Enduro" will be held at the Sportsland SUGO International Racing Course. The event, now in its 15th year, is a bicycle endurance race with two classes: mountain bike and road racer. In addition to the 3-hour and 4-hour races, there will be 7-hour races that combine the ranking points from these two stages. Teams can be organized up to 4 people for 3-4 hours and up to 5 people for 7 hours, so even beginners can easily participate in the race.
There will also be a "Best Performance Award" given to the team that made the race fun with cosplay, etc., and a "Funky Cooking Award", which will be awarded to teams who bring their proud dishes made at the venue to the tournament headquarters and will be selected by judging. There is also a special prize.
Enjoy SUGO Funky Enduro, which is full of events other than competitions, with your family, friends, and company members!




In Bell Equip, we are planning to organize a team this time and participate.

​ Classification Classes are organized according to motivation.

Participation class is only 7 hours (3 hours + 4 hours)

Classes are 7 hours road or 7 hours mixed (women only included)


120% Level aiming for top prizes

100% try hard

80% Fairly harmonious, occasional rest

50% Yuru-Pota A loose level where no one is at the time of change

Entries are ​Because Bell Equip will combine and form a team based on your motivation

Never run idle.

​Enter your entry here

​alsoTeam formation completedIf you would like to use the Bell Equip Paddock,

Download Excel here

After entryEmail info@belleequipe.comPlease attach and send to

We will also accept it at the store.

Race schedule (tentative)

5:00     gate open

6:00-11:40 Reception

7:00-7:30 test run

7:40-7:50 Riders meeting

8:00-11:10     3 hours enduro

11:10-11:45     lunch break

12:00- Awards ceremony (3 hours)

11:40-15:50 4 hours Enduro

16:00- Awards ceremony and lottery

The meeting time will be 6:00 local time.



Pen, seal (used for signing before the start, seal)

air pump


Wear related items such as gloves

shoes, sunglasses, etc.

Change of clothes (It may be cold and you may get cold while waiting.)


If there are many stands, you may run out of space to put them.

Please bring as much as possible.

​chairs (folding) There are no chairs in the paddock.

spare tube etc.

Other useful things

Supplementary food, etc. (free for each person)


Water There is tap water.

Roller stand It is easy to turn while waiting.


Entry fee

Everyone will split the bill.

Approximately 8400 yen Please note that refunds are not possible.

Collect on the day of the event.

​If teams have been formed, each team will be charged separately.

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