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​Car wash adjustment

BELLE EQUIPE mechanic service standard

Car washing is common practice in Europe, professional teams, and around the world.
The oil on the chain and parts will be thoroughly removed, leaving the chain cleaner than new.

Today's motorcycles are becoming more multi-stage with 10 or 11 stages, so dirt on the drive system
It may be the cause of trouble.

We work while watching the whole car wash, so we may discover troubles there.
No matter how much you wipe it with a cloth, it will not be clean, but the car wash will surely degrease and add new oil.
I can order.
A clean sprocket rotates smoothly.

It is a routine inspection of the professional team. This is a check of each screw <be careful after the mountain stage)
It is a check of gear shifting, scratches, cracks, etc. of the frame.

In fact, the adjustment with the Bell Equip is this basic adjustment, simple wheel runout, and looseness of each part.
(There is almost no backlash if you assemble it properly at the beginning.)

The most common problems with brought-in bikes are loose ahead (fixed fork) and broken forks due to over-tightening of the stem.

This is an important part that can cost you your life if you get it wrong. Abnormal noise and backlash are the cause of big troubles.
Then check gear shifting, brake adjustment, etc.

MTB is basically the same, but I leave the wires a little longer because it's easier to deal with when I go to the mountains and have a problem.

Finally, check the overall balance and you're done.


Depending on the degree of assembly, the work price may increase if you have assembled it yourself or if the assembly is not in good condition.

Additional work may be required, for example, chamfering the BB, backlash, etc., or if the wire is too long.

Main checkpoint

loose screws
frame scratches
transmission adjustment
brake adjustment
head rattle
simple swing


common problem areas

BB looseness
Transmission outer is too long
wheel center misalignment
head backlash
Improper transmission installation
Forgetting to tighten the crank
Fracture of four tool

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