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​position alignment (FITTING)

Recently, the number of types that determine the position and fit while measuring with various systems has increased. However, humans are flexible and adapt to the bike, and the position will change.

I think analog is the best at the moment.
I would have someone with enough experience ride the rollers and watch your form.
People who have just started riding and people who have been riding for a few years have a very different look and pedaling.

Even if you are fat (thin), there are restrictions on the angle at which you can bend your body.

Complementing that is the pedaling data. (separate from power meter)
The data is good for those who have smooth pedaling. I also know my habits.

Looking at the data, you may find out where the cause of your knee pain is.

As recently as Shimano can visually see with the bike fit's motion capture feature

It has become very convenient because there is a possibility that analog can be converted to data.

The only thing I can say to those who come after adjusting themselves is that the saddle is too high.
The handlebars are often too low.
I think it's the influence of magazines and the web, but the people who appear on the surface are people who get on board.
Even if you imitate the same thing, the result is different.

Also, the length of legs and arms is completely different from Europeans and Americans.
From what I've observed, the positions that people with a high physical fitness level match tend to be race-oriented and difficult for beginners. Also, I feel that a person with a strong body does not matter in any position.

In the case of Bell Equip, it is adjusted twice when the frame is selected and when the vehicle is delivered, so the basics are made from the time of delivery. After that, only minor corrections according to the level. In the case of SSC, the position check is free for 3 years.



①Method using a fixed roller (analog)

This is recommended for initial positioning 

road bike
About 30 minutes to 1 hour


SSC Free

Handling brand 7000 yen ~

Non-handling brand 9000 yen ~

tt bike
Time 30 minutes to 1 hour to 1.5 hours


SSC Free

Handling brand 10000 yen ~

Out of stock brands Suspended




②How to use Shimano Bike Fit

It has two functions.

1) The position number given by Shimano Bike Fit.

Static Fit Determine the body and position size from the body numbers. 2000 yen

(It will be slightly larger. Flexibility of the body is ignored, but in the case of Shimano, it is essential for the first time.)

2) Pedaling Analyzer

Analyze the pedaling with the body and position values obtained from the static fit.

SSC is 4500 yen after the second time 4500 yen ~ 6000 yen

③ How to mix both

Put out the position with analog and measure the pedaling with bike fit

​ Below is a flow chart of the work. If you want motion capture

Please let us know separately








Parts replacement will be charged separately.
In some cases, the frame size does not match at all. I'm sorry at that time, but I will end it on the way.

Fittings are by appointment only. I have a reservation for the evening.

From March to September, the work on the bike bought at Bel Equip is given priority and we may refuse to bring it in.
Please be sure to check by phone or email.

Please wear binding shoes and easy-to-move clothes.

Reference    position  frame size



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