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It's super elementary practice. Learn the basics to run straight. Even if you can speed up, you can reduce the risk of falling alone. The speed is no more than 25 kilometers.
Mar 24, 2024, 7:50 AM – 9:00 AM
Natori City Yuriage Cycle Sports Center,
Japan, Yuriagehigashisuka, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture 981-1213

Beginner morning training text


1 lighter gear ratio

   90 rotations in 1 minutegear ratio.
In the case of road, it will be about 34x19 with a compact crank.

2 Follow the same running line as the person in front of you.
Keep about one car apart.

3 The running position is about 100 cm from the shoulder of the road.

4 Place your viewpoint on the back of the person in front of you and look forward over the back.

See the whole thing over your back.

important point

*       not too close. When approaching, stop pedaling while spinning the pedals.
*       Don't forget that there are people behind. When you apply the brakes, the rear brakes suddenly.
*      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb6dbad58b-53 as much as possible
run straight.

*       Runs at a constant speed, even if the previous speed increases.

*       Observe the hand signal, and if you notice the first signal, send it to the back even after the second one.

*       Don't look at the rear wheel of the front runner too much to be careful between cars.

*       Give a signal as soon as possible to stop.Start decelerating after giving a signal.Deceleration tends to be abrupt later

* When stopping, stop in a row so that the rear wheels of the person in front of you do not overlap.






step one

overall running

If you run with several people, the group may expand and contract due to the difference in speed.
In that case, if you apply the brakes in a group, it may be dangerous to bump into the people behind you.
Also, if you follow behind, you may hit the rear wheel of the front runner and fall.


Make sure you can run at a constant speed.

1 Keep the distance between cars as constant as possible.

2 If you loosely approach the runner in front, you can naturally decelerate due to air resistance if you shift to the right of the runner in front..
However, if you make a big move, the back will swing even more, so be careful. Keep pedals spinning (idling)

3 When the speed is fast, the person in front of you gets into trouble and the distance between the person in front of you and the car increases.

    so-called middle
Call out from the right and slowly catch up with the front runner by reducing the speed difference.
    In that case, the overtaken person pulls to the left, slows down, and backs up.

At the 4th corner, follow behind the person in front (on the line where the rear wheel ran (called line)).
    Be careful as it tends to go to the inside side.

important point



※       People at the end of the line should call out to the front to warn them of the following vehicles. .

* The signal of the first person influences the movement of everyone behind.

*       When the speed is fast, the movement of the bicycle becomes faster, especially the left and right movements.
*       The brakes also work suddenly, so be sure to apply them gently.
※      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3dcf_136
Basically, brakes in groups are not used as much as possible except in dangerous cases.
*       Trace the previous person's line in the Kunekune section.
*       It is dangerous if the rear wheel of the forerunner and your front wheel overlap. Be careful not to let the wheels run side by side.
*       If the wheels overlap at a corner, it is safer if you are on the inside side.

On the out side, loosen the pedals so that they do not overlap.
Call out if you want to pass someone running in front.
    If the person being overtaken is a beginner, you may be surprised because they will suddenly come after you.. (Please talk to me on public roads.)



Step 2 Group running lead change (in a safe place)

head change
In the lead change, after a certain amount of time has passed, the front will be given over and it will go to the end.
The reason is that the air resistance is large at the beginning and it is easier to run as you go later.
Everyone will be able to run longer and easier by distributing the air resistance.

1When the group stabilizes after running (about 1km), start changing the lead.
2 In the case of yuriage, change the lead after about 30 seconds.
3. The order of shifts is
Signal with your right hand (
If you can't let go of your hands, you can use your elbows.)
Give way to the left. Slow down and stick to the tail end.
The second person runs at that speed,Change the lead in about 20 seconds.

important point

*       Signal → turn left → order of deceleration.

* Make smooth lane changes. The person behind cannot handle the sharp steering wheel.

※      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3dcf_136Do not speed up even if you are in the lead. The speed will increase. maintain speed.

*       The place to run is about 60 centimeters from the shoulder to the middle.
*      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58dcf6dcf_53
While turning the pedal at the time of the signal.If you stop suddenly, the distance between the car and the second person will be shortened, which is very dangerous.
※      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3dcf_136Move left and slow down. If you don't lean to the left, the second person will have to swell to the right.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The first person runs keeping a space where he can move to the left.The basics of running straight in a group.
*       I tend to increase my speed when the second leader is gone, so I consciously keep my speed.

    Even if the person in front suddenly becomes faster, the person behind does not have to match..

*       When you are at the tail end, it is better to match the speed of the person behind you. If you do not match it, it may break.

※       速度が速く苦しくなったら先頭を引いて走りきっIt is safe to cut from the front.

Cutting in the middle is called middle cutting.

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