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The mileage is not particularly necessary for bikes assembled with SSC up to 20,000 km.

​In the case of a normal bike, we will check the situation once.

 If you are concerned about this symptom, it is an overhaul.

Just run in the rain many times. I run a lot along the coastline.

  • No maintenance for over 20,000km

  • No matter how much I make adjustments, gear shifting and braking do not improve.

  • A squeaky sound is heard from near the pedal. (no sound when it rains)

  • I want to run without worrying about the machine for a whole year

​The estimated distance is 20,000 kilometers.

​ Also, if you have the following symptoms, you may check it once.











Bell Equip overhaul procedure

First, the bike is completely disassembled and separated into individual parts.

Immerse in a solution containing a special liquid.

Clean while checking the parts.

Remove any worn parts.

This liquid completely degreases, making it easy to remove dirt that has penetrated into fine areas.
Become. It also prevents rust.

The frame is also separated by leaving the head one, and it is cleaned and inspected
The inspection focuses on the stressed BB, head, and end.

After the parts are dry, we will assemble them while lubricating and replacing consumable parts.

Assemble it in the same way as a new car so that it will not be damaged in the next car wash adjustment.
The contact surface such as the BB part of the frame may be scraped.

After replacing the bar tape, etc., make sure it is completely dry before attaching it to the chain, etc.
Finished with lubrication



                   Full overhaul All disassembled

SSC finished carSSCRoad body and wheels 10000

General load (body only) 40000

General MTB (body only) 45000

General MTB full suspension (body only) 50000

Semi overhaul BB, wire replacement, cassette, crank transmission overhaul cleaning, chain

General load (body only) 25000

General MTB (body only) 30000

General MTB full suspension (body only) 35000

Bikes built with SSC =


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