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SSC is a comprehensive after-sales service that includes a car wash service.

  • Free car wash service

  • 3 years free fitting service

  • ​Various counseling

  • ​ Priority for repair and maintenance work

SSC assembly work flow



​ It is in the "seven-part set" state out of the box. Roughly put together. You can build it as it is, but it's not good.

​SSC removes all parts.

Break down to this state. Polish the glossy frame with wax at this time.
A glass coating option is also available.
(Crest Yondo)

Grease all screws. Use 4 different types

The metal frame has anti-corrosion treatment inside the pipe
Remove wheel vibration
​ Horizontal and vertical and center check


​Set according to the measurement size

For assembly, we cut off excess wires, excess length of columns, and seatposts, and assemble them in the best possible condition.


This logo is affixed to the bike completed by SSC.

Setting at time of delivery

​Position adjustment and
How to shift gears, how to operate the brake system, how to ride,How to attach and detach wheels, precautions for frame characteristics
driving on public roadsAnd so on.
​It takes about an hour and a half.
​Buying is not the end.
After delivery, you can also participate in the morning training for beginners.

The staff will run with you from the practice of getting on and off and explain.

I will follow you until you can ride safely.


When the SSC maintenance warranty is not applicable

* If you replace the components by yourself, the free car wash will be lost.
Either or all of the transmission system, crank system, and brake system,
It refers to the wire cable system, stem, and seat post.
This does not include bar tape, handlebars, saddles or bar tape.

* If you replace the wheel yourself, a separate wheel cleaning fee will be charged.


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