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All bikes are pre-measured before being sold.

Whether it's a custom bike or a show car, this ensures that the body and chassis are perfectly fitted.

For over 20 years, Belle Equip has been the right position for bikes and bodies in every bike we sell.
It started with listening to the feeling of fit and the impression of the body after that.

There are more than 6000 standard measurement data from top professionals to tourists and young people on the rise, and it is almost impossible to give unbiased advice without this data.

In addition, you can know how the body bends and habits, which cannot be understood with digital numbers, only face-to-face.

Wrong sizing can also be guided by someone's opinion which is not the best way to choose a new bike.
However, we can provide objective advice based on numbers backed by data, so we can propose the most suitable vehicle body.

Also, they just lined up in a row.”In stock” We do not sell things as they are without measuring them.
Whether it's an entry-level bike or a high-end superbike, all sales are custom orders.
We choose the perfect one for you and personalize the size of each part.

Process up to delivery
・If you have a problem with your riding or how to ride, we will look up the necessary information while talking.
・Body measurement
・Introduce a bike that matches the measurement data.
・If you choose to purchase the bodywork, we will make any modifications necessary to achieve the perfect fit.
・Replace stem, handlebar size, saddle position, and in some cases components.
・Next, the bike is ordered or assembled according to the specifications and body shape, and the new bike is handed over.
・At the time of delivery, we will explain the handling including traffic rules so that you can drive safely.

2nd or later
If you currently have a bike, you can completely transfer it to your new bike position.
Or it can be used to find even more optimal positions.

If you already have bike fit data, you can use that fit data.


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I often get asked that I don't know how to choose.

First of all, I would like to ask you what you are going to use it for. Cycling, racing, commuter hill climbs, etc.

* Length of each part of the body
* Weight
* Body stiffness
* Main purpose of use
* How strong are you likely to be?
* Experience riding a two-wheeled vehicle
The ease of riding a bicycle depends on the body shape of the rider.
There is a proper size that fits the body as there is an order frame.
Basically, Belle Equip chooses a bicycle from the measurement size regardless of the brand model.
​Select a bicycle that fits your body from nearly 3000 measurement data.

Measure each part of the body. Not only height

The frame to choose by the length of the armIt will change.

Check your firmness, find a reasonable size

Based on the given values, we will select a frame designed to suit your body type, how you ride, and how you use it.

Choose from several manufacturers

You can get an idea of what the car is like on display.



​We will fit the completed bicycle and the rider.

There is an explanation of how to attach and detach the service wheel.

(About 1.5 hours)

​ Finally

Shoes are very important.

Shoes that don't fitwill not be able to match the position.

(Most people choose larger shoes for the position setting they bring in.)

​It's a waste.

​If you are thinking about shoes, we strongly recommend that you purchase them together with the vehicle.

After delivery

Saturday morning intense beginner morning practice

Sunday morning training for beginners

​ Practice together until you can ride safely.

What did you think. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you want to listen carefully to the explanation,reservation formYou can also specify the time from

Please use ​.

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