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Prices shown are based on average working hours.
It may increase or decrease depending on the situation.

About maintenance work price

Recently, maintenance of cars purchased from other stores has increased.
There are many cases where the basic assembly is not completed, there are cases where the basic assembly is wrong, and screws are stuck.
There are a wide variety of cases, such as when the frame is damaged and cannot be repaired.
If the initial assembly is not good, the work time will be significantly longer than usual.

Therefore, I decided to classify them according to their work experience.
The price is based on the work time required for correction in the initial assembly situation and the ease of future maintenance.

It is divided into A, B, and C in order for each purchase shop. This is due to differences in the initial assembly state.
Since it is only a guideline, if the condition is good, it may be the price of the upper class.
We appreciate your understanding in order to maintain the quality of our work.
Please note that we cannot answer questions about class classification.

Basically, the bikes sold by Belle Equip will have the highest priority in the order of work.
If you are coming from outside the prefecture due to a job transfer, please contact us.

* It is a cost-effective way to do the car wash adjustment first.

​SSC If you replace the main components by yourself with the assembled body, the free car wash adjustment is

It will be the same price as the general public.


bell equip cycle store firstHow to assemble a new car in

​mamachari, Specialized,Look car etc.,

CANYON ofmaintenance,We do not accept repairs or other work.

Thank you for your understanding.

​​Basic work price is 10,000 yen/hour.

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