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PACO is a professional junior bike company in Taiwan.

We also build MTB, track and cyclocross.

20 inches is quite rare among manufacturers entering Japan.

The body is also compact and short.

There are 2 front ones with a speed change, but basically I think that the one that is easier to use should be fixed.

Outer 42 inner 34 suitable for junior gear.

The back is also simple with 7 steps.

20 inch model​

The frame size is 265mm.

Straddle the saddle and keep the pedals as low as possible525 mm

photo is up)

Top tube to ground is 540mm.

You can ride from about 100 to 110 cm tall.

The lever is made by Microshift and was chosen due to its close proximity to the handle.

14 speed

front 42x34

Rear 16-25

crank length 135mm

Weight Actual measurement 8.5 kg

20 inch model handle

Everything is small.

Quite compact compared to coffee cans

The lever is also close.

Price 75000 yen (excluding tax)
























Price 72000 yen (excluding tax)

When I go to Italy and other places, there are children like this running in groups.

The environment where you can get used to bicycles from a young age is a culture.

Even though there were nearly 100 runners in the Mochibikko class at Gran Fondo

It was a surprise.

Bicycles are also various from 20 to 26.

Business sales are also possible.


Model without gear
One side is free. The other side will be a fixed gear.
​European children practice stationary.
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