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The product you purchased (including the car body) is an accidental
In the event of damage due to an accident
Compensation payment service
And no interest! (up to 15 times)

Warranty period 1 year

Compensation limit
credit amount or
From 500,000 yen, whichever is lower
(10,000 yen deduction)
amount paid

No insurance premiums

Target 250,000 yen or more

Up to 6, 10, 12, 15 divisions

Example: Road bike total 1,100,000 yen
Frame damage due to self-damage
Repair estimate 880,000 yen Guarantee 490,000 yen

Road bike total 550,000
Repair fee for damaged wheels etc. 260,000
Guaranteed 250,000 yen

*Includes theft and water damage such as typhoons.

It's safe.


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