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Morning training

Bell Equip's morning training has been held every week since its opening.

From the first getting on and off to how to run.

​In particular, being able to run straight leads to safety.

Morning training for beginners (basic practice)

This is a basic exercise for running straight.

It seems easy to run really straight, but it's hard.

Classify by speed.

Beginners run about 25km. There are not many slopes.

Intermediate and above is about 40km.

The place to run changes every season.

ON FACEBOOKIt's up Friday night.

Beginners (less than half a year) purchasing from other stores should first

Be sure to take the hard beginner practice.


Yuriage CSC morning training

Common subject matter

*Be sure to wear a helmet. You cannot participate without it.

*Please maintain your bicycle properly to prevent troubles.

*Please be sure to take out bicycle insurance by yourself.

*In addition, the organizer and runners will not be held responsible for group crashes or falls due to contact.

*Participation may be refused if it is determined to be dangerous.

*Please bring your own emergency kit for punctures, etc. Basic self.

​ *This is basically a basic practice, not a serious running practice. It's not an attack battle even in the fast class.


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