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complete wheel

Wheel Here, we will talk about the so-called complete wheel that is completed by the manufacturer.

Recently, the number of wheels that are complete from the beginning has increased.
Roughly speaking, there are flat ground and light mountain.
Materials such as carbon also come out, and there are various options.
The benefits of complete
1 It can be designed from the beginning as an integral part of the rim, hub and spokes.
In the past, lightness was determined by the combination of hubs, spokes and rims. But if the rim is too strong
The spokes were weak and broke easily, and vice versa, the spokes were too strong and the rim wavy.

2 Nipple (small screw for adjustment) can be specially designed
3 You can create speed patterns
4 Thick spokes and flat spokes can be used. Unlike normal, there is no need to pass holes
You can pass spokes with different shapes.
5 Reduce the number of spokes (reduce air resistance)

Disadvantage is
1 Some of them are not all-round because their performance is specialized for flatlands and mountains.
2 Some have too special a structure to lack structural stability.
3 If even one of the spokes breaks, it may become impossible to drive.
4 Vertical blurring occurs in the part without spokes.

There are various types, but the selection criteria for the recommended wheels for Bell Equip are as follows.

1 Spokes are evenly lined up (relative to how much force is applied)
Campagnolo 3G, Mavic, etc. with constant spoke spacing
2. The rim itself is strong... Wheels that rely on spokes have a short life.
There is no tension in the rim and it does not advance. If it breaks, it will be expensive
3. The hub (rotating part) is strong or only the bearing can be replaced. ... just because the rotation got worse
I want to avoid wheel exchange
There is no vertical balance bias when turning 4. Cars balance the wheels, but bicycles
I don't do it often. Fewer spokes, more important parts

Overall, we recommend

Mavic: Wheels that turn well with strength, maintenance, and repair parts
Excluding the current MAVIC, which has enough performance to be experienced

Campagnolo Fulcrum: The rims and hubs are especially nice! ! A wheel that spins well.
The strength of the wheel itself is also stainless steel spokes, but there are few problems

Colima... Maybe (impression after maintenance), I think this is where the rotation performance is even and the rim has no unevenness.
The carbon rim special was originally made for helicopter rotors.
Since the bearing is heavy, it will be better if you maintain it after using it for a while.

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