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whole position

Every time I'm doing a position match, I have a lot of questions. Among them, I noticed
The human body is natural, but there are many variations, and even if it doesn't fit at first glance, when you actually measure it, it's something other than
Sometimes it fits perfectly.

In particular, the saddle front and back position is strange, and perhaps this is the only part that cannot be expressed in numbers.
If the shape of the pelvis is different, the sitting position will change, so even if it looks like the saddle position of the front glue, the sitting position will be different.
If it is behind, it will be in a state where there is no problem at all in terms of position.

Most people have high saddles, ride forward, slow rotation, and run with torque.

The steering wheel is easy to understand because the angle of the upper body can be confirmed visually.
People who do not feel pain even if they lean forward often have strong back muscles when they look carefully.

Basically, anyone can do it, but if you can't do it by yourself,
There are difficulties.

Even professional athletes know the theory and their own measurements, but they can't get it exactly right without having someone measure them.

Many of the athletes at the time of the Swiss Post actually produced the best figures in the measurement system called Bioracer in the Netherlands, and used it when building a new car, but even this system was not perfect.
When actually riding a roller on a horizontal surface, it often happens that the numbers are considerably smaller than the specified dimensions depending on the strength and flexibility of the muscles, and on the contrary, young players have a habit of getting low (short) numbers.

In the end, the riders asked the mechanics to find the best dimensions while riding the rollers at the first training camp.
I will decide on the actual run while running every day.

At the hotel we were moving to, we used a level to measure the ground, and then used a plumb swing to measure the front and back position.

Today's best position will be bigger or smaller in 3 months, so it's hard to say that your body will change.
An important point that cannot be ignored.

Until recently, it was only known to a few people, or it was a recognition that "I knew such a story"
I think it's a good thing that the importance of rotation is also recognized as the basics of the basics in the commentary on SKY PerfecTV!


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