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stiffness of the frame

"Hard frame" often heard
What does that mean?
It is true that the frame material has a difference in hardness, but is it all a difference in the frame?
A stiff frame goes well when you have the strength.
Professional athletes want to ride stiff frames anyway. It is responsive and
This is because the speed when running is good.
On the other hand, I get tired so much that I can't maintain the rotation, and the speed drops so much that the crank stops.
Very difficult on steep slopes.

On the other hand, a soft frame loses speed quickly and does not move forward unless you apply force all the time.
It feels like only the frame is left on the descent, and the descent of the pass uses nerves.
Another important issue is that it is so soft that it is difficult to run in a straight line.
There are also frames.

If you think about it carefully, when you say hard, it means the hardness you feel on your feet.
There is hardness that can be felt by vibrations, etc., and both are collectively referred to as hardness.

I think the former is due to the nature of the frame, the latter due to other factors.
Tireless bikes are often soft and have good vibration absorption.
It's true that progress is not good, but running a long distance and getting less tired is
Old aluminum, worn out steel, soft carbon.

Another factor is tires.
Tires are the part most related to vibration absorption, and affect all aspects of ride quality.
No matter how hard the frame and wheels are, if you put on good tires, they will be completely different.

Wheels are also important, and generally complete wheels have fewer spokes.
I think that the ride is hard because it is assembled with high tension.
Ordinary wheels look old, but you can change the tension of the spokes.
It's a good wheel to make a stiff frame comfortable to ride.

Even a frame that is said to be stiff
Considering carefully the combination of other parts
For the time being, we can make a bike that is comfortable to ride.

Wheels, tires and front forks (important parts) on any frame
Because it changes considerably with magazine impressions, the parts configuration must be exactly
I don't think it will be as good as the evaluation.

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