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First camp of the season

European professional teams usually have a training camp at the beginning of January.
Some of the members met for the first time at this time, and it was the trigger for the start of the season.
It depends on the team, but Italy is Tuscany, Switzerland, and Germany is Mallorca in Spain.
The reason is that there is a race in that area from the beginning of February.
This training camp is just before the season, so it is a good opportunity for the athletes to run together.
At the same time, the mechanics and massers also have a lot of work to do throughout the year, such as checking the equipment and checking the assembly of the bicycle.
Mechanics often get the equipment for the year right after the new year, so they often build bikes during the training camp, and assemble them according to the order according to the size of the rider. Even if you actually test drive and match the size, you have time, and you can take your time.
It can be said that it is one of the few chances that can be matched.
After practice, I spend a lot of time busy checking my position and fixing things that make me uncomfortable. j
Sponsors often come in after the season begins, and sometimes they exchange for their equipment.
In particular, neo-professionals (newcomers) tend to seek good equipment because of their winning experience, but professional races are different from previous races.
When they know that they are completely different, they stop saying anything.
The position is a fairly old-fashioned way of swinging the saddle height and fore-and-aft position.
This may be the most practical in the field. Depending on the team, they brought in equipment for size matching, which seems to be convenient in its own way.
During the training camp, the new product may have troubles, so it will be sent back to the manufacturer after the training camp is over.
It was also around this time that new products were first tested, and the people in charge of each manufacturer were all together, and each team's bike was tested.

Athletes run for three to four hours each day, but some athletes run for six hours and others for an hour.
In practice, the team car with the manager in it accompanies the mechanics, but since it is a practice, the atmosphere is relaxed.
running comfortably.

This is the only time that everyone sees each other, and when the race starts, the teams are divided into their own races and start working, so there are some athletes who don't see each other for months.
After about two weeks of training camp, there is the first race of the season.
At the time of the post, the 1.5 race on February 1st in Tuscany was the first, but the classic riders are quite well done.
It's often a pretty fast race.

These days, it seems that there are many things to do as a team, such as group photos of everyone, photos for pamphlets, and articles for the mass media.
After this face-to-face training camp, it will be a full-fledged racing season.

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