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off training

The meaning will be quite different depending on whether you are an athlete or running as a hobby.

First, for professional
Athletes who run year-round exceed 20,000 km in annual mileage. then for a certain period of time
I feel like my body needs rest and my mind wants to relax. the season is
It will end at the end of October, and I will ride lightly for about two weeks and reduce the amount of practice.
If you suddenly stop practicing, you will not feel well and will not stop immediately.
Then there is a period of two or three weeks where I don't ride my bike at all. From mid-December, I started riding little by little again,
Start slowly with lighter gears.

There are some athletes who lift weights, but they don't seem to do it much except for young athletes and classic athletes. mainly
Light training is the main focus on the trunk, arms and legs. At this time, riding a piste or instantaneous
We also provide training. Some athletes do cross-country skiing, running, and ball games (soccer, etc.)
After that, we will start increasing the distance around the end of Christmas and prepare for the season from the beginning of February.

Among the players, there are many players who do not ride at all in November and December, but such players choose other sports.
It seems that there are some players who do nothing but do not ride at all.
Athletes who run from the beginning of the season, such as classics, have a short winter break, and take a short break in the summer to go to the autumn classics.

For general cyclists
Depends on how far you run
Normally, there is almost no need to rest, but people who feel tired can
It's best to start riding after it's warmed up, rather than forcing yourself to run.
The races in Japan start around April, so if possible, I'd like to ride all the way through November and take a break in December.
I think it's a good place to start. (For those who run all year round)
In areas where it snows, you can't run outside in January and February, so it's a good idea to take a break in January and start in February.

☆ In the winter, we will strengthen the parts that we felt were lacking in the summer by practicing weights and sprints (to build muscle endurance).

☆ Off-training in a good year can be overdone. It is safer to take holidays in a planned manner for the next season.
People who want to move their bodies should avoid accumulating fatigue.

☆ People with cavities or breakdowns will be cured during this period. Especially cavities sometimes get worse when the body is tired.
☆ Be careful not to gain too much weight. (player)
Ordinary people are happy and "Otare" is also good. Will it motivate you to practice next season?

☆ Some players don't rest at all even professional.

☆If you race 3 or 4 times a year, you don't have to take a break.
It's OK if you enjoy riding when you want to run.

☆Failure is likely to occur during cold weather. I don't think it's necessary to run hard.

☆ It is safe to change positions during holidays.

☆I overhaul it at the time when I do not ride a bicycle either.

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