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daily maintenance

Spring 2020 update

This time it's about self-maintenance.


Bicycles are completely different depending on maintenance. It is about maintenance items that are checked from time to time.

The most important thing is to keep your bike clean.

(Belle Equip takes a method called car wash. )

cleaning the whole

Wipe the frame, wheels, etc. clean after driving. When it's raining, it's best to keep it wet, but the cloth will turn black quickly.
In that case, put a little neutral detergent in a bucket and wash it by gently rubbing it.

The road surface in early spring has snow melting material remaining, so it is easy to rust. Rinse with water to wash away the salt.

The same is true when driving along the coastline.

cleaning parts

Chains can be cleaned by gripping them with a rag while turning the crank. If the spray type cleaner evaporates too quickly, the dirt will melt and get inside.
It is better to rub with a type that dries slowly.

Cleaners with rotating brushes are not recommended.

Solvent gets dirty and penetrates inside the links of the chain. After using this type, it is better to wash it under running water.
If you leave it as it is, the dirty solution will contain fine dirt and will permeate the link part of the chain. If you leave it as it is, the chain will stiffen.

Cloth or running water is good even if it is troublesome.

Check each screw

Fine screws are easy to loosen, so check by retightening.

This is to check if it is not loose rather than tightening it.

There are many screws on the bicycle I bring. Around the handle and around the saddle are also important. It is also often over tightened.

Even if the amount of carbon has increased and torque management is being talked about, there are still many items to check.

Look at the state of gear shifting.

Try to move it as usual, and if it is difficult to move up to the low side, tighten the wire. On the contrary, when it is difficult to fall to the top side, there are many causes.

The lubrication point is the transmission pulley. This is the part with the highest revs.
Oiling it will lighten it up a bit.

Index adjustment if positioning does not match
Too much tension is common
We often see bent rear end and broken inner wire.

brake check

A high-risk problem is when the shoe hits the tire.
Check the direction of travel and from behind to see if it hits the rim properly.

Check the shoes as they often have metal pieces in them.

Wires are getting harder to cut these days, but you need to check when the pull gets hard.

The shoe can be used until the groove is worn out, but if it becomes hard, replace it.

I will write about disc brakes next time. (Perhaps)


wheel runout

If the fringes are too big, ask a professional to do this. Please think that it is difficult to adjust especially if the number of spokes is 32H or less.

It's a daily occurrence that the center is not out on a new product, or it's normal.
SSCNow, I'm going to put it out in the center, but if I don't take care of the initial deflection at that time, I'll get into the habit and I won't be able to remove it later.



Check if there are any scratches or cuts, and in many cases there are stones in the tread.
It's a good idea to include it in your pre-ride inspection.

The side (horizontal) may be cut, so check the side as well.

If you check the air pressure too little, you will get more punctures.


If you drop the bike from above and it rattles, it's loose somewhere.
Adjustment is quite severe, so it is better to leave it to someone who knows.

bar tape

It's a consumable item, and you can change your look, so it's better to be clean.
If you get used to it, you can do it yourself, but sometimes it breaks. Is it cheap for studying?

If sweat is left unattended, it will corrode the aluminum bar.
If it's bad, the aluminum rust will make a hole in the handlebar. I see it 2-3 times a year, so the frequency is high.
Occasional washing is required.

Now it is effective to wash gloves every time as a countermeasure against coronavirus.


Check to see if there are any strange scratches (cracks may be present) on the frame.



When it makes an unusual sound, it is normal for the case to be loose and stretched.

If you hear noise while riding and the above maintenance doesn't fix it, it's a good idea to have it checked at a specialty shop.
Abnormal noise is often the initial stage of trouble, so be careful.

Finding the cause of the noise is extremely difficult.

loose screws
quick loosen
The sound of the seat and saddle
Inside the rim
loose spokes
Unique sound of BB30
backlash of the head
the part itself is broken

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