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There are various types of fittings these days.

Various names such as fitting, position matching, bike fit

Basically, the manufacturer-oriented thing matches the body to the bicycle

This is because it assumes that you already have a bicycle.


letur specialist

Morphologic France


There are various types and they are measured by machines.

Divided into those that produce numerical values with theoretical values

Analog system

What a coach-like person called a fitter puts together.

This is determined by visual movement rather than numbers.

It is often determined subjectively by the fitting person, and has a strong coaching implication.

I think it's the best way to repeat the adjustment several times and see the results.

However, there are cases where good results are not obtained, and the choice will change depending on whether you want results or not.

Having experienced several types, each has advantages and disadvantages, and I cannot say which one is the best​

Mechanical type is for those who have a fixed position (both good and bad)

In other words, when there is little room for change, it is suitable for when you want to increase accuracy.

There used to be a type that used a triangular ruler somewhere, but that was terrible.

This is because there is no point in fitting if the movement of the body is ignored.

However, it was easy to understand as an advertising medium.

On the other hand, the analog system

It's very effective for beginners who don't know anything about it or have problems that can't be quantified due to injuries.

Or if your body is stiff and you can't reach that form.

The mechanical type is usually fitted with the dimension from the side.

The advantage of analog is that you can check the opening of the knee and the left and right balance in the front, back, left and right.

What can be said about both mechanical and analog types is that you can't decide the position once, so try riding in that position.

It can be said that it is complete only after examining the discomfort and performance.

However, if you stop riding it, it will come back again, so I try to do the fitting with the Belle Equip in the basic way.

The basic position doesn't change much, so the reason why professional players stick to their basic form is that they don't want to change it, and they don't want to go on adventures and get hurt.


The difficulty with the mechanical system is that the races to be investigated are mainly European and American, and there is little Asian data.

Therefore, it is undeniable that both Shimano and Letur have a high saddle and a low handlebar.

Around 2014, probably around 2014, when Letur was new, he was doing a demo in a small booth at the Taipei show, but when I asked him about it, he seemed to know about it.

Shimano seems to be updating data frequently and it is getting better and better.

It's a pity that it's not used much because it's hard to find time in Bel Equip.


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